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Over the July 26-28 weekend there will be some large, Jamboree services for various faith groups. These will be well publicized and easy to find. However, there will also be a number of smaller, sub-camp specific services for several different religions at various sub-camps and on various days and times during the Jamboree. There will be a LOT of these. If you are trying to find a service in a close-to-you sub-camp that represents your own faith ... or another faith that you might like to take this opportunity to visit, we'll have all of schedules here..

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Pope and Rabbi

Faith-based VIPs are Coming

As you are already aware, our World Scout Jamboree here at the Summit is a VERY big deal. Consequently, there are a number of important religious leaders who will be coming to each spend a day or more with us or to specifically lead us in prayer and/or meditation. You may be interested in meeting some of these leaders and having an opportunity to have a small group conversation with them. So, keep an eye both on the Jamboree phone app and on  the Events List of this site to learn more about who will be here, when, and where so that you may take advantage of this unique opporutnity. 



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